Every year on March 17th,
you are as many as ever to come and party with us on Saint Patrick’s Day.

This year you’ll have yet another reason to celebrate
with NatWest 6 Nations last round in the afternoon, from 1:30 to 8 pm.

In the early evening
you will get free Saint Patrick’s hats at the entrance.

(depending on what we have in stock, of course)

Live band
Pop Rock music
with Coffee Pop from 8 pm.

For the anecdote:

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.
He was a bishop and came to convert Ireland to Christianism
in the fifth century.
One day during a sermon,
he showed the congregation a three leafed shamrock, and he said:

“Here is the image of the Holy Trinity”,

thus demonstrating that one God could also have three separate entities.
The shamrock has become the symbol of Ireland eversince.

Legend also holds that he drove the serpents, symbol of Satan, out of Ireland.